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Entry Door Systems

Improved appearance, smoother operation, increased energy efficiency

Energy efficient exterior and patio doors from Kielstra Siding & Windows, St. Thomas, Ontario

Why replace your entry and patio doors?

In addition to improved weather stripping and energy efficiency, modern entry doors offer increased security and smoother operation than old wooden doors. Offering fancier designs, patterned glass or coloured glass, and new hardware options, the curb appeal of your home will be enhanced with a new entry door installed by Kielstra.

Styles of Doors Available

Insulated Steel Doors: Insulated steel doors have replaced wood doors as the standard, offering improved weather stripping, energy efficiency, and security. New styles and hardware choices offer a wide range of design options to create a welcoming and attractive entryway for your home.
Fibreglass Doors: Fibreglass doors are appealing and becoming more popular because they can be stained instead of simply painted, providing the more traditional look of a wood door. And, fibreglass doors are more durable and harder to dent, thus standing up to abuse better.
Storm Doors: A storm door installed by Kielstra can provide not only additional ventilation, but can add a more traditional look and feel to your home. A variety of styles are available to choose from.
Patio Doors: Enjoy smoother operation and improved energy efficiency with replacement patio doors, installed by Kielstra's professional and knowledgeable team.

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